Falcon 1000 motorcycle

Exhibit on display in the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow.

Description written by Małgorzata Dunikowska

Falcon 1000 is the largest Polish motorcycle, produced in the National Engineering Works in Warsaw between 1934 and 1939. The motorcycle was extremely durable and considering its very high quality.

Falcon 1000 was produced primarily for military use, both for operational and civilian duties. The side basket could be equipped with a machine gun. Such vehicle was extraordinarily agile and useful on the front line. Each motorcycle was factory broken-in and had to undergo a 25-km road test. For the military, the motorcycles were painted in “moro” (camouflage), and for civilian duties, like the postal service – black paint was used. For the postmen, instead of a passenger basket, the motorcycles were equipped with special trunks marked: Postal delivery – letters and parcels.

The exhibit presented in the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow is a maroon, two-person model: one person is the driver and the second person, sitting in a sidecar, or a basket, to the right of the driver is the passenger.

The motorcycle has wide handlebars, with a mirror attached on the left side and next to it, a large chronometer. In the middle of the handlebars you can see a large lamp, and to the right of it, a smaller lamp. On the right side of the handlebars you’ll find the hand brake. Attached to the handlebars in the front is the sound warning speaker – the horn.

Standing on the left side of the motorcycle, we can see the fuel tank with two buttons on top of it. Behind the tank is the driver’s saddle, and behind it, luggage rack. Below the tank is the engine with a large pedal for starting it and a foot rest (identical foot rest is also on the other side).

Walking over to the right side, we see the passenger basket (sidecar) with access door on the right. The motorcycle has three wheels – one in front of the handlebars, second in the back, behind the luggage rack. The third wheel is located on the right side of the passenger basket. The front wheel is covered by a fender with the registration plate attached to it.

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