Exhibit on display in Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiences, a branch of the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow.

Description written by Kamila Buła

The metal gong hangs inside a wooden frame. Attached to the right side of the frame is a wooden mallet used to strike the gong. Touch the surface of the gong with your hand and try to find its edge. Then gently tap the mallet near the gong’s edge. Avoid hitting the gong in the centre, as that way you may damage the instrument. After tapping the gong, you’ll hear a characteristic sound. Strike it again, but this time place your hand a few centimetres in front of its surface (without touching the instrument). You’ll feel a tingling sensation, caused by the acoustic wave propagating in the air. Vibrating surface of the gong causes the surrounding air to also vibrate, creating pockets of higher and lower density, which are responsible for the tingling sensation.

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