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What is Światłoryt (Light Relief Project)

Światłoryt is an initiative of the Managers of the Future MOFFIN Foundation and the Museum of History of Photography in Krakow aiming to bring the power of messages carried by photographs closer to blind persons. It is possible now thanks to the knowhow of Museum staff coupled with an innovative method of visual arts adaptation developed by experts from the MOFFIN Foundation based on a multilayer artistic template, consultations with blind persons and the application of 3D technology. Thanks to the Multilayer Touch 3 Deep (MT3D) method blind persons can to some extent participate in the perception of visual arts. It is not and will never be the full participation enjoyed by sighted persons, their sight loss being the obvious reason. In the Światłoryt initiative, however, we focus on maximising what photography stands for: impressions, imagination stimulation or just emotions for the benefit of blind persons.

The deep touch of photography

Director of the Museum of History of Photography in Krakow Maciej Beiersdorf, the Museum Custodian Magdalena Skrejko and Ireneusz Białek and Lech Kolasiński of the Managers of the Future MOFFIN Foundation talk about the power of photographic messages, curiosities from the history of photography, analogue and digital photos, but above all about the fascinating topic of conveying the power of photography to blind persons.Read their conversation.

MT3D adaptation method

Several beautiful photos from the collection of the Krakow-based Museum of History of Photography selected by Magdalena Skrejko are adapted using our very own MT3D method. It consists in developing a multilayer artistic template consulted with blind persons and improved for as long as it takes to make it clear to them by touch. Then it is prepared using 3D printing technology and checked continuously for its usability. We always make sure the multilayer structure and artistic beauty are retained throughout the process. At the same time an expert description is developed by Magdalena Skrejko, a specialist in photography history, available both in an electronic version and as an audio file (audio description).

Light Reliefs in Museum of History of Photography

We are convinced that our MT3D method is a milestone in presenting visual arts to blind persons and the adaptations made using that method are also attractive to sighted beholders as they retain the unique artistic beauty of the original while being separate works of art. Światłoryt is then an opportunity to appreciate photographs for sighted and blind persons alike and by doing so to become familiar with the extraordinary collection from the Museum of History of Photography. Below we present already developed or adapted photos with text and audio descriptions. Their tactile versions we develop following the MT3D method ultimately find their way to the Museum of History of Photography in Krakow where they will serve blind visitors.

Light Reliefs in European Solidarity Centre

The Światłoryt/Light Relief project wins yet another partner: the European Solidarity Centre of Gdańsk. The collection of photographs from the institution, important for Poland's history, is initiated by an adaptation of Chris Niedenthal's 1989 photograph entitled “Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki” showing him just after his government was voted in by the Polish Parliament. Next year, as part of the MOFFIN's long­term cooperation with the Centre, successive adaptations of universal nature are going to be developed, making it possible for sighted and blind persons to meet in the very same museum space. The Światłoryt/Light Relief project opens our eyes on art regardless of sight difficulties. Does any of you make out en eagle on the balustrade on the photo taken by Chris Niedenthal? If so, have a look at what is on the eagle. You cannot see it? If so, read our photo description. We wish you good fun, learning and emotional moments with history. We also recommend Ireneusz Białek's interview with Chris Niedenthal, the author of the famous photograph. It is available HERE


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